Walpole Railway

The Walpole Railway is the largest in our group and very impressive.  It is literally as big as a bungalow as it has been laid on a plot of land originally marked out for one.

Les, who owns this railway, started clearing the land for this railway back in 2015.  At present, he has a lot of tracked down for trains to run but not a lot of buildings.  He does, however, have a lot of ideas of where things are going to go and it will be very impressive I am sure once all completed.  In fact, Les is the only person I know who has plans for a canal system complete with locks running through this layout.  It really will be able to give any professional model village a run for their money once all done.

This railway can be viewed at any time and if you would like to go along to see it, please get in contact and we will put you in contact with Les to arrange a visit.