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The Great Wegberg

Peterborough, UK

No Longer Active

Railway Description

The Great Wegberg Railway past planning permission in April 2010 and work started on an outside layout in May 2010. The first phase took the best part of the summer until October to complete. The buildings were built during the first winter and plans for phase 2 was already in the pipeline. In April 2011, this brought the completion of the finer details in the village, planting, the yacht club and boat yard together with restructuring the existing pond and building the cable car which still isnt complete.

From Sept-Nov 2011, work was spent on planning and replanning phase 3. This was for added track which had to be laid three times before trains could cope with the curved gradients.

Wegberg is a digital set up with 8 points, three stations, a passing loop at the main station, and a siding to the woodshed. Plans are that it will run in both directions round each circuit.

It started as the "GWR" because Nick comes from Devon. This now translates to the Great Wegberg Railway - Wegberg being the RAF hospital where Nick and Jackie met. The original route was a circle based loosely on the Wegberg ring (the road running round the hospital) and the village is Wegberg. Some of the other areas are based on places they have been - the Berlin wall near the main station and the 'Why Not' bar in the village are based on what they saw in Berlin in the Charlottenburg district; the cable car is based very loosely on the one in Hong Kong up to the giant Buddha there; the woodyard and the bridges across the "ravine" remind them of Canada and the fountain at one end of the pond is Geneva. The rest ties all those together.

If you have any questions relating to this layout, please feel free to contact us.

Property Location

Peterborough, UK

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