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Whittlesey, Peterborough PE7, UK


Railway Description

The Rodlake Railway is based in the Whittlesey area just outside of Peterborough. It is owned by Ian and Jackie and is very impressive.

The attention to detail is amazing and the railway itself took two years to plan before 'construction' even started.

The layout is raised off the ground at about knee high. Along one side of the garden runs the main area which contains houses, grass with hills and even a bridge. Along the back of the garden is a row of shops - every shop you could imagine. Each of the shops contain very detailed scenery inside. Have a look at the photo's and you will see what is meant.

The track eventually loops round the deep pond and rockery waterfall. As you can see in the photo's, Ian has a very unique way of being able to feed the fish.

Property Location

Whittlesey, Peterborough PE7, UK

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