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Lincs Garten Bahn

Peterborough, UK

No Longer Active

Railway Description

The Lincs Garten Bahn is built on an L shaped raised border with a tunnel through a large conifer to a circular raised border. It can be controlled by either analogue, MTS (multi train system) or Massoth at the flick of a switch.

Building on the layout started at the beginning of February 2003 and the first train ran at the end of March 2003. Since then much landscaping has taken place together with the additions of a few extra details, such as a tunnel etc. An extension was added during the Summer of 2004, adding approximately another 70 feet to the layout. LGB track has been used here and it features an MTS Reversing Loop Module (LGB 55080) and a 1200mm LGB Bridge (LGB 50600).

In February 2005, they added a new line for running live steam locos. This was then upgraded in 2007 to Gauge 1 track and pointwork. We have two 45mm and one 32mm tracks in operation.

An extension was officially opened on 14th August 2004 at their Open Day. The added track goes through a long tunnel, down a slope to the end of the garden, across some decking and around a raised border. An MTS reversing loop module is fitted to the track on the raised border to enable single track running. In the summer of 2008, a water-feature was added to the layout and can be seen in the photo album opposite.

If you have any questions relating to this layout, please feel free to contact us.

Property Location

Peterborough, UK

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