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Hampton End

Peterborough, UK


Railway Description

Hampton End was a small branch line link serving a small village (Hampton End). Most of the freight that used the line was fish from the quayside.

After the closure of the line many years ago, a group of local rail enthusiasts reinstalled the tracks & buildings and purchased a few foreign engines & stock.

Hampton Halt was added to Hampton End, the main layout, in September 2011. The branch line is the third modification to Hampton End over its 10 years of exhibiting. Hampton Halt the branch line serves a small village where it terminates with a runaround loop.​

As we travel up the line leaving the station, a gardener is spending his time at his allotment behind the engine shed. At the front of the engine shed the workers are getting the coal ready for the next steam loco. Just ahead, up on the rock faces, the local rock climbing team are busy enjoying themselves. Further on we join the mainline.

Most weekends, trains can be seen running. The buildings are from BR days. This international flair works well.

Most of the trees are supplied by Ceynix Trees. Buildings are supplied by T&M models.

Hampton End is sponsored by Glendale Junction.

The combined layout size is 38ft by 10ft.

If you have any questions relating to this layout, please feel free to contact us.

Property Location

Peterborough, UK

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