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Badgers Holt

Bottesford, UK

No Longer Active

Railway Description

Dave and Teresa started building there railway back in 2008 shortly after they moved in to there house. They decided to call it Badgers Halt because there surname, Brock, is an old English name for Badger and Dave was often called Badger at school.

The layout isn't actually based on anywhere in particular, it just developed as they went along and believe in running what they like and incorporating details that they wanted. Dave is no way a rivet counter and if he likes it, then he will run it. It is very much a hobby and not a chore.

The layout has changed as it went along and at one time the pond was in a different location near the main station but due to access problems to the fence, bushes and the track by the fence they deciced to move it. The old rigid pond was removed in March 2011 and was actually upended and became a feature, a hillside/mountain which Dave painted grey. This is still an ongoing project.

They brought a new pond and relocated it in April 2011 to its present location and at the same time remodelled the raised bed, had a wall built and extended the track using one of those fine metal bridges they bought from Glendale Junction. The inner track was also changed at the same time and in fact made slightly shorter to improve access. It is Dave's intention to keep extending it but are restricted some what by the positioning of the shed and trees but a future project is to remove the trees to give them more room.

Dave has managed to pulled about a dozen carriages/trucks at any one time on the outer track but will keep working on pulling more in the future!

Dave currently only uses the track on an analogue basis.

There are a lot of character figures around the railway as Teresa and Dave have always been interested in cartoons particularly Disney Looney Tunes and Snoopy and they have a lot of figures between them. Thay are also of a good size for the railway as well as being weatherproof.

If you have any questions relating to this layout, please feel free to contact us.

Property Location

Bottesford, UK

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